Oh what a find...I didn't know this "blog"...if you could call it that!! It was created...then terribly neglected!!! Let's see "what" can happen when I write a little bit on here? How do people make such "beautiful" blog pages? I would like to learn "how" to do that. I'm lucky I can post on facebook!


still alive

You think that I would be allllll into this keeping up with a blog "thing".......ha! I have taken a "leave of absence" and think maybe that I can "re-enter" the world? ......we'll see.

Hello to my friend Cyndi....I had no idea that you had wished me "happy days" all these times.....I never got on the computer to see. You are a sweet and loving person.


Here 'Ya go Cyndi!!

okay, I'm still alive.....I can't believe that it has been sooooooo long since I've even been here! Whew! I don't even know if I will remember just "how to" post something on here. You don't even want to here about my boring old life anyhow!!! lol!!! We are coming to the end of soccer season....this is Reed playing......just in time for me to get busy on moving our home from B'ham to Bryant, Arkansas!!!!

I have missed being in touch with my friends......I will get back into the swing of things, I promise.


I need tickets!!!

I am about to DIE to get tickets to see Paula Deen!!!!!! Chris did come home with some good news last night....they are carrying Paula Deen products at the store he works for...Dillard's!!!! Maybe I can smooze someone into getting me a hook-up!! lol!! Doesn't hurt to ask right!!!! I also want to go and eat at her restaurant...which would be no problem. One day!!!!!!


Reed and Brandon went to Chicago recently....I snagged this picture off the church website! I can't believe that I did it!! Will have to go and get some more and try to make a slide show of them!!! whoopeeee!!


I'm alive!!

This message is for my friend Cyndi.......I am amongst the living!! LOL!! I don't know just what kind of living I'm doing....but, I'm here. Well, just not on the internet and posting and such. I've checked out for a while....until ....well, I don't know. I miss you too!!! You are the sweetest person to always think about me and I love you for that. Hey, if you decide to go to the Nashville Event next year.....let me know!

I'll be back in the game soon......



There is really nothing special about this photo.....just that I "found" it on my son's facebook or something like that by accident one day. I liked it and had never seen it before, so I snatched it up. I NEVER get any pics of him........I do what I can!! lol!!! He is a handsome little thang now isn't he?!! His mom thinks so!